In the 1890s insurance for homeowners was limited to the peril of fire and coverage could be extended to the dwelling itself, household furnishings, barns, and livestock. As the insurance industry grew, so did Shove Insurance’s policy offerings. Insurance options grew to include coverage for additional perils like lightning, windstorm, explosion, smoke, vandalism, etc. The comprehensive personal property and liability coverages that the average homeowner requires today were not introduced until the 1950s. Shove Insurance has always been ready for every insurance advancement to give its customers the coverage they need to protect everything they value.

Home insurance options can be complex and choosing the right one is confusing. Even when the standard coverage forms are the same from one carrier to the next, their rates and their coverage enhancement endorsements vary widely and can make a big difference in your coverage. Consider these questions as you contemplate your need for home insurance:

  • Do you know if your personal property coverage is valued at the actual depreciated value or the full replacement value?
  • Do you have a large wind or hurricane deductible and have been told you don’t have any other options?
  • Is your service line covered? Are you protected from water sewer backup damage?
  • Have you scheduled your jewelry and other valuables which may have limitations on your standard homeowner’s policy?

Contact us today to discuss your current coverage exposures. Shove agents can put together the best package for your needs.