If your company’s building has both an alarm and a fire extinguisher, do you still need property insurance? Of course you do. Even if it is not required by your bank or lender, you would want to protect your investment and future income potential. This argument is true for your need for cyber insurance, as well: firewalls and antivirus programs are a great first-line of defense, but no system is infallible.

Think this through. If you don’t have a stand-alone cyber insurance policy, you probably are not covered for most cyber-related claims, and you need cyber insurance. Some business owners do have cyber policies that provide some basic coverage. However, there is usually a sublimit that isn’t enough to cover the cost of an average claim, if at all.

Having the Cyber insurance you need is a concern for every person and business in the 21st century. Let Shove Insurance help you with your cyber insurance. We know what we’re doing and can keep you and your data safe in cyberspace and on the World Wide Web.